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Is CBD Safe For Sensitive Skin


I have been wrong about many things in the past. Predicting outcomes has never been my forte. But one thing I am dead sure of is that CBD wouldn’t just be a fad or just another hasty fix for our anxious times.

Well, this time, my projection turned out right, and hemp CBD skin care products such as Glow- Radiant CBD Facial Elixir are now the magical elixir in many women’s skincare routine. 

Remember when Mandy Moore gave a subtle endorsement of CBD at the Golden Globe Awards Nights in 2018 on mainstream TV? Maybe you probably don’t. 

But that night had only revealed that CBD has gone from being a mere alternative for stoners to an established cure-all for many. 

I would easily liken the CBD mania to the cryptocurrency craze of 2017. However, unlike most cryptocurrencies that keep plummeting, CBD is still yet to reach its peak. 

CBD comes in virtually any product, from chocolates to toothpaste and cocktails. 

Many skincare enthusiasts would love to hop on the CBD train. But they are bugged by genuine concerns. 

One of which borders on the safety of CBD for sensitive skin. You’ve also wondered, right? 

Well, if you’re asking, “is CBD safe for skin“? Read on to find out. But first, what exactly is CBD, and how does it impact your skin? 


Cannabidiol is a chemical compound derived from the cannabis plant. Unlike THC, CBD is not intoxicating. So ingesting or applying it to your skin will not make you get the “high” feeling.

How Does CBD Affect Your Skin 

Thanks to the anti-inflammatory benefits of CBD, it is widely used in treating various skin conditions such as inflammation and dryness. 

How about acne-related issues? According to research, it might interest you to know that acne is a chronic inflammatory condition. 

However, you might argue that several factors contribute to acne. But here is the catch. 

Anything applied to the skin to reduce inflammation and soothe skin is likely to ease breakouts, particularly acne-related redness.

 Do you have acne-prone skin? You can count on CBD’s anti-inflammatory ingredients to help prevent breakouts and rejuvenate your skin. 

And that’s not all. CBD oil has antioxidant properties, which are not surprising given that it is derived from a plant. 

The antioxidant in CBD can help reduce any signs of aging when applied to the skin. Are you wondering how? 

Hemp CBD skin care products such as Shine On – Full Spectrum CBD Oil visibly reduce wrinkles, reddish skin tone, and skin dullness by combating free radical damage.

You can check out See Beauty skincare collections for an array of high-quality CBD beauty products to enhance your skin and overall beauty. 

Now that we have established the connection between CBD and your skin, it’s time to address the big elephant in the room. 

Can I Use CBD If I Have Sensitive Skin? 

Without mincing words, CBD skin care products such as CBD Bath Socks are safe for all skin types including sensitive skin.

 It is safe to say that no harm can come from applying CBD skincare products to your skin. 

If you are reading this and saying to yourself, ” Oh please, I got a reaction from my last experience with CBD.” Okay, here is the thing. 

While I would not invalidate your experience, you probably did not get the reaction due to the CBD itself, but some other ingredient.  But there is still a caveat when choosing CBD for sensitive skin. 

Choosing The Right CBD Skincare Product For Sensitive Skin

Quality is the most important factor to look out for when choosing the right CBD for sensitive skin. Do you know that over 60% of online CBD products are mislabeled?

So, ensure you buy from a trusted brand with products containing just what the label says. I would also recommend you choose a product tested in a third-party lab.

 Here are a few other things to consider when purchasing CBD for sensitive skin. Watch out for the amount of CBD in the product. 

And, of course, be on the lookout for solvent residues in CBD products. Solvents such as butane or propane are added to help strip CBD from hemp during production. 

Avoid solvent-based CBD skin care products; it would be best if you err on the side of caution. 

Call it a magical panacea if you wish. CBD is here to stay. Its anti-inflammatory and soothing properties make it very suitable for sensitive skin.

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