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Importance Of Taking Off Your Makeup Before Bed


This guide is for you if you are among the many women who find it extremely exhausting to wash off their make up before going to bed.

Every woman loves to look good. You can indeed cut the face of a beauty queen with a mix of foundation, blush, and mascara.

 But does it matter to leave your makeup on even when going to bed? 

 Sleeping in your makeup can cause substantial damage to your skin at night. 

And If you think missing it one day won’t hurt that much; you’re dead mistaken.

 Of course, there are days you get tempted to go to bed with your face full of makeup. 

Nevertheless, it would do your skin a lot of good to remove your makeup before going to bed. 

Before bed, you can try our Glow- Radiant CBD Facial Elixir for your facial routine. 

The following are some importance of removing makeup before going to bed. 

1. Leaving your makeup will clog your pores resulting in a breakout 

Your makeup is a mix of items that hold onto dirt, pollution, and oil during the day. Sleeping overnight with all of this on the surface of your face is not a good idea. 

Besides inviting bacteria, sleeping with your makeup clogs your pores, causing breakouts and blackheads. Sleeping in your makeup shouldn’t cross your mind if you are concerned about large pores. 

The reason is that dirt/makeup remains on your pores, making them visible and appearing bigger. 

2. It Distorts Your complexion 

Apart from causing breakouts, sleeping with your makeup overnight could also affect your complexion. 

Wondering how? Here is the catch. 

When we sleep, our skin renews and repairs itself overnight to create a radiating appearance in the morning. 

Sleeping in your makeup interferes with this vital natural process of shedding skin. 

The dirt your makeup attracts traps dead skin cells on the surface of your skin overnight. 

The result is dull, rough, and unattractive skin. And, of course, nobody wants lackluster skin.

Sleeping in your makeup can also cause the foundation or makeup powder to settle into your fine lines causing dry, dull, and scratchy skin. 

3. Make your skin appear older 

In addition to making your skin look dull, sleeping with your makeup can make your skin age faster than expected. 

Surprised? Here is how it happens. At night, our skin undergoes a natural recovery process to repair itself from any damages it may have experienced during the day. 

Dirt and pollutants attracted by makeup build on your skin and hinder its capacity to renew itself at night. 

That’s not all. The presence of contaminants on your face may halt the production of collagen, which is vital for our skin’s firmness. 

A breakdown of collagen production in the skin could make your skin lose its firmness leading to aging. 

4. Causes Skin Irritation 

Makeup frequently contains skin-irritating ingredients such as dyes and perfumes. Leaving these irritants on your skin overnight can cause irritation, inflammation, and redness. 

The sad part is that you would be forced to apply more makeup the next day to cover it up. A vicious cycle. 

5. Your skin will appear and feel dry 

Furthermore, leftover makeup residues can form a barrier between your skin and the products you apply to it. 

As a result, these makeup fragments can prevent skincare products’ absorption. 

Failing to remove your makeup correctly would prevent any beneficial ingredients in your night skin routine from permeating your skin surface. 

So it is not economically wise to waste your moisturizers without getting any results. 

So ensure you completely remove your makeup before adding any other product to your face. 

6. You could get eye infections 

Finally, you could get eye infections and irritation when you leave your makeup overnight. 

Remember that your eyelids are pretty sensitive, so treat them with caution. 

How To Thoroughly Remove Your Makeup 

While you can opt for makeup to remove makeup, using soap and water to wash off makeup is also very effective. After washing your makeup, you can apply a range of natural skincare products, such as Shine On- Full Spectrum CBD Face Oil From Sea Beauty, to give your face the radiating glow it deserves. 
The benefits of removing makeup before bed are enormous. Even if you are exhausted, ensure you wash off your makeup. Your skin will thank you for it.

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