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How to tell if your CBD Face Cream is any good


Face cream is not a novelty item as many people may assume when first thinking about it. It actually works and serves a unique purpose, CBD face cream serves as a protective layer over facial skin, improving the moisture content and the elasticity of facial skin. Facial creams help to fight the effects of free radicals, smoothening skin and eliminating wrinkles owing to aging.

The facial cream is a must have beauty product for adult women and even men. Its skin rejuvenating properties are beneficial for all skin types and can be used at any time. There are plenty of benefits that can be derived from using a face cream in your beauty routine and we have listed a few below:

Benefits of a face cream

  1. A face cream provides concentrated hydration for a radiant tone and complexion.
  2. It prevents dull dryness, flaky skin and creates a protective layer of moisture for your skin.
  3. It can be used to treat common skin problems like eczema, acne and skin rash. 
  4. It also offers sun protection and can be used as a protective layer over facial skin.
  5. Facial creams can improve the overall appearance of facial skin.
  6. Facial creams often contain collagen and have skin rejuvenating properties. The cream is able to restore youthful looks by smoothing rough skin and eliminating wrinkles.

What makes a good face cream?

All face creams are not made the same. Some of the best facial creams are those that meet the criteria listed below. 

Sunscreen: Your facial cream must be able to protect your face from the harshness of the Sun’s UV rays. Choose creams with long-lasting sunscreen, SPF value of 15 or higher.

Vitamins: For a facial cream to be said to be effective, it should contain some essential vitamins. Vitamin A, E and C are examples of vitamins that benefit your facial skin. Vitamin C locks down your skin tone, brightening the skin and creating an even tone. It increases cell melanin production to protect your skin from the sun. Vitamin A helps with fine lines. It is an anti-aging derivative and as such, it can help eliminate wrinkles and spotting on the skin as well as smoothen out rough skin. 

Vitamin E helps moisturize, soothes, and repairs the skin. It possesses antioxidant properties that are beneficial for skin health.

Beneficial Acids: Alpha-hydroxy acids (AHAS) and Hyaluronic acids (HA) are just some of the acids that offer immense benefits for facial skin. HA locks moisture in the skin. The acid helps in the plump up of facial skin by locking in the moisture. HA helps with fine lines, wrinkles and skin pigment issues.

Alpha-hyroxy acids (AHAS) are a useful permeating agent. They help soften facial skin, allowing beneficial ingredients in your cream to penetrate the skin. AHAS has rejuvenating properties and is ideal for rough, dull or ashy looking skin types.

What to avoid

Facial creams with perfume and fragrance: Fragrances and perfumes can cause irritation to your skin, particularly when there are breakouts on the skin. Avoid creams that contain any form of aromatic perfumes, their side effects could be worse than what you hope to correct.

Methyl Parabens/parabens: Avoid facial creams that contain cosmetic preservatives Methylparabens or parabens. They can cause allergic reactions and can sometimes also cause pore blockage.

CBD face cream

CBD facial creams are facial creams infused with CBD. As you might already know, CBD offers plenty of benefits for health and wellness, and is currently one of the most sought after ingredients in the beauty industry.

CBD has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties that are immensely beneficial to maintaining a great looking, supple and to-die-for skin tone. CBD facial products like the New Moon Facial Collection from SeeBeauty offers superior benefits for your facial skin than regular face creams. 

CBD facial creams offer therapeutic benefits in combination with skin repair, rejuvenating and beautifying benefits. The CBD facial cream is a whole package and more, when it’s a product from SeeBeauty.

The SeeBeauty Edge

SeeBeauty offers some of the best CBD facial and beauty products in the beauty industry. It’s a woman owned brand and as such, it is responsive to the needs and desires of women seeking a better skin health. All products are made from ethically sourced materials and the product formulations are conducted under the strictest conditions of quality and excellence.

The SeeBeauty brand is one of class and poise, for the modern woman.

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