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How CBD Oil Helps to Reduce Signs of Aging


Some weeks back, I was having a light discussion with my 41-year old friend, and then I asked her, “What do you dread most at this stage of your life?” She took a deep breath and answered with a big grin, “You know I am now in my 40s; I tend to look in the mirror more often and pray I never get to see any signs of aging.”

We laughed over her hilarious response, but I could relate to that feeling of wanting to hold on to your youthful looks. Fact of the matter is, we cannot stop the aging process; everyone will have to face it someday. 

Illuminate - Hemp Infused CBD Eye Cream

But here’s the good news! Aging can be beautiful! You can take natural measures to reduce the visible signs of aging even as you grow older. CBD oil is one of the most effective natural solutions gaining massive attention lately.

See Beauty is a skincare brand created with love and utmost care to help every woman enjoy the positive effects and benefits of superior hemp CBD oil.

Our Illuminate – Hemp Infused CBD Eye Cream contains 50 mg of CBD and other antioxidant-rich natural ingredients. This product helps calm inflammation, thereby, reducing signs of aging, including dark circles, puffiness, wrinkles, scars, and discoloration.

What is CBD, and how does it work?

CBD – a short name for cannabidiol – an abundant cannabinoid in the cannabis Sativa plant. This cannabinoid does not produce any intoxicating effect, unlike THC –tetrahydrocannabinol- which is responsible for the feeling of “high” when you smoke marijuana.

This means that CBD-based products do not cognitively impair the user. Instead, the CBD content offers a host of health benefits, and we are still to explore the range of its therapeutic potential fully.

How does CBD work in these products? CBD works with our body’s endocannabinoid system (ECS), which regulates sleep, temperature, mood, appetite, and pain. We can say the ECS serves to maintain homeostasis in the body.

Interestingly, we all have natural internal cannabinoids that work with the ECS. Interestingly, the CBD from hemp closely resembles this cannabinoid. This makes it easy for CBD to rev up our ECS to produce more endocannabinoids that help to redress the balance within our bodies.

Because we already have endocannabinoids within our bodies, there are little to no side effects of taking CBD.

Luckily, a few natural products fight the signs of aging, and our Illuminate – Hemp Infused CBD Eye Cream is one highly potent product that works effectively for this function.

Let’s quickly discuss the common causes of aging, and then we’ll proceed to discuss the anti-aging benefits of CBD.

What happens when we age?

Both internal and external factors strongly influence the process of aging;

Internal factors

The internal factors are all about some biological processes that contribute to the degradation of your skin’s appearance. These factors include:

  • Loss of elastin – a protein that provides elasticity to your skin
  • Loss of collagen- a protein that maintains the tautness of your skin
  •  Less production of oils – responsible for maintaining hydration and a youthful glow
  • Bone loss – As you pass age 50, you naturally lose bone in and around your face and this causes your skin to slacken.
  • Loss of fat – degradation of fat in your face can trigger signs of aging.

External factors

Some external factors also contribute to the aging process. These include:

  • Obesity – This causes the skin to stretch and reduce the sheen of your hair
  • Gravity – This causes saggy earlobes and drooping around your eyes
  • Sun – UV light rays break the elastin protein in your skin
  • Smoking – This restricts the free flow of blood to your skin

How can CBD oil help for signs of aging?

Now that you’ve seen the several internal and external factors that trigger signs of aging, let’s quickly talk about the potential of CBD as a natural skincare ingredient that helps to delay the process of aging.

CBD offers antioxidant benefits

The release of free radicals in the body often leads to oxidative stress. These free radicals cause cellular damage throughout the body, including skin collagen breakdown. The antioxidant properties of CBD help to fight free radicals, redressing cellular balance, and slowing down the loss of collagen.

CBD helps to relieve anxiety and stress

Stress and anxiety issues trigger visible signs of aging, especially in the facial area. When stressed, your body produces more cortisol, which is the stress hormone. CBD has been shown to help maintain the balance of this hormone in the body, thereby regulating mood more effectively and reducing stress and anxiety.

CBD increases oil production in the skin

As we age, our sebaceous glands responsible for oil secretion in the skin slows down production. This causes our skin to become dry, triggering the signs of aging.

CBD binds with the endocannabinoid receptors and stimulates oil production in the sebaceous glands. This means when you add a CBD-based product to your skincare routine, it helps delay the drying process of your skin.

CBD oil improves skin elasticity

Elastic skin is characterized by an ability to return to its original shape after being stretched.  As we age, our skin loses elasticity, resulting in saggy, leathery-looking skin.

Several factors, including poor nutrition, UV rays, smoking, and air pollution can reduce skin elasticity.

The good news is CBD has been shown by research to help maintain or improve skin elasticity.

CBD supports quality sleep

Lack of sleep can lead to tired-looking skin and dark puffy eyes. CBD has been shown to minimize cortisol levels in the body. As we’ve mentioned earlier, cortisol is a stress hormone and its level peaks during the daytime. However, you suffer insomnia when this hormone stays high in your blood at night.

Taking CBD at least one hour before bedtime helps promote better sleep. And when you take adequate rest, dark circles will disappear, and your eyes will look less puffy. This makes you look fresher and younger.

Including products like our Illuminate – Hemp Infused CBD Eye Cream in your daily skincare ritual is a good way to reduce signs of aging even as you grow older.

Closing Remark

If you desire a natural and holistic approach to reduce signs of aging, boost your skin’s firmness and return its original flow, CBD is a safe option you can rely on. The ability of this cannabinoid to work with the ECS system makes it a potent compound to reverse signs of aging.

See Beauty offers safe and natural high-quality beauty products infused with superior hemp CBD oil. Our Illuminate – Hemp Infused CBD Eye Cream helps reduce visible signs of aging, including dark circles, wrinkles, puffiness, discolorations, and bags.

You can add this product to your skincare routine today and enjoy a healthy glow for the delicate skin around your eyes. You can check our store for more hemp CBD-infused skincare products.

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