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CBD Oils And Creams For Sunburn: Does It Work? 


Summer is, no doubt, the best season ever for many of us. It is a period when we get to enjoy the sun’s bliss on the beach, time to go on vacations to relax with friends and family, and much more. 

However, while many people relish the coming of summer, some others dread venturing outside under the blazing sun due to sunburn. 

Well, that’s not far-fetched as many people suffer sunburn during summer, and unfortunately, anybody can be a victim of sunburn, irrespective of their age or skin tone.

Hence, many people have been searching for the best way to protect their skin while enjoying the delightful delightful summer season. 

Although traditional creams or lotions may help, CBD creams for sunburn have been gaining a lot of attention as a safe and effective option for everyone. 

But the question is, “Does CBD oils and Creams work for sunburn?” We’ll get to find out in this article.

How Does Sunburn Affect Your Skin?

Sunburn is caused by the skin’s reaction to the sun’s ultraviolet (UV) rays. However, UV light can come from other artificial sources such as tanning beds and sunlamps. 

Both UVA and UVB rays can affect the skin, triggering an inflammatory response. However, UVA penetrates the skin more deeply due to its longer wavelength, while UVB penetrates the skin superficially due to its shorter wavelength. 

Although UVA causes damage to the skin, contributing to aging and skin cancer, UVB is particularly implicated in sunburn. 

Sunburns may appear after a few hours of being exposed to the sun. Some symptoms of sunburn include inflamed skin which turns pink or red or white, swelling pain, Itching tiny fluid blisters that may break, headache, fever, nausea, and in severe cases, painful eyes. 

One thing you should also note is that sunburn may cause significant damage to your skin, especially when you overexpose your skin to the sun. However, it would not result in third-degree burns; Doctors still classify the symptoms of sunburn to be first and second-degree burns.

So how do you protect yourself and reduce the pain of sunburn? Will CBD creams and lotions work?

Can CBD Oils and Cream Help Relieve Sunburn? 

CBD has strong anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, and this cannabinoid has been proven by several studies to help deal with inflammation, pain, and even bacterial infection. 

Little wonder, CBD is often added to oils, creams, and lotions. Most skincare products add the broad-spectrum CBD to enjoy the therapeutic benefits of CBD, without the intoxicating effect of THC -the other abundant compound found in cannabis. 

CBD-infused oils and creams have been a great option to prevent sunburns and enjoy relief if they do occur. The anti-inflammatory properties of CBD help soothe sunburned skin, reduce discomfort and pain, and reduce redness and swelling commonly associated with this condition. 

You may add hemp CBD oil for sunburn to your routine this summer season to protect your skin from the harsh effect of UV rays. 

Also, CBD is well known for its antibacterial properties, and sunburns are also very susceptible to bacterial infections. 

CBD creams for sunburns can also be used to ward off the chances of any bacterial infection that may worsen the condition. 

How to Use CBD Cream for Sunburn 

You don’t have to be an expert to use CBD. An advantage of CBD cream or lotion is that you can apply it to the part of the skin you want.

If you are new to CBD topical, you can begin by applying a small amount to an unaffected part of your skin and see how you react. 

Interestingly, CBD utilizes our skin’s absorption capabilities to function effectively. The epidermis contains pores that absorb whatever is placed on the skin. 

Oral CBD tinctures, capsules, and vaping might also offer relief. However, the topical application of CBD creams and lotions is better as you can use it to treat the affected areas directly. 


While CBD creams help treat sunburn, you must know how to choose the best CBD topicals to get good value for money. Before using any CBD topical, talk to your doctor about it. 

Ensure you are not using any antidepressants, analgesics, and antibiotics as they can interfere with CBD function.

Also, look out for the ingredients and try to avoid products that may contain skin-damaging components. 

Are there Any Side Effects of Using CBD Cream for Sunburn? 

While more research is needed on the impact of CBD on the skin, there are no significant side effects of using CBD cream for sunburn. CBD is not naturally irritating and does not negatively affect the sun’s damage to the skin. 

The only problem you might encounter is if the CBD cream formula has any skin irritants as ingredients. 

Thankfully, CBD creams for sunburn from See Beauty are free from any such harsh ingredients. 

Best CBD Skincare Products to Treat Sunburn 

Are you looking for the best skincare products to treat sunburn? See Beauty has an impressive collection of CBD products for sunburn at very reasonable prices. 

Our Hemp Infused CBD Eye Cream helps nourish your skin and revitalize sun-damaged and weak skin. This CBD cream for sunburn works inside your skin and regenerates injured skin cells.

It also relieves skin inflammation and soreness. Buying from a trusted brand like See Beauty guarantees you are buying nothing short of top quality. 

Our products are made from premium quality US-grown hemp with third-party testing that ensures good value for money. 

You may also check out our other high-quality skincare and beauty products infused with superior hemp CBD oil. 

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