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CBD Face oil for sunburn: How does it work?


Outdoor events are fun, especially when it’s one at the beach with friends. Nobody wants to be left out of an event like that. However, the problem kicks in when we leave our skin unprotected and allow the sun to lash at it! And, the ugly truth is that too much unprotected time in the sun exposes our skin to infection, scarring and sunburn.

Now a common question people ask is “Are there any CBD oil benefits for sunburn?” SEE Beauty has put together some facts for you. Without further ado, let’s dive into it!

What is the Best Approach to Heal Sunburn? 

There are three types of sunburn;

  1. First-degree burn 
  2. Second-degree burn 
  3. Third-degree burn

For first-degree burns, only the outer layer of your skin is affected. The inner layer of your skin is affected by the second-degree burn, and both layers are severely affected by a third-degree burn. Third-degree burns usually happen as a result of acid or fire. Sunburn is usually just a case of first-degree burn and second-degree burn in very severe cases. 

Our skin has its healing process, and for most cases of sunburn, the skin can heal itself with time. But, there are some things we can do to speed up the process. 

  1. Hydrate

Severe dehydration is a symptom of sunburn. Your skin needs water just as much as you do. And sunburn dries out the water in your skin. Staying hydrated helps prevent sunburn from increasing and allows your skin to heal.

  1. Menthol 

The use of menthol-infused cream is encouraged by experts because it helps promote a cooling effect around sunburn. Menthol can help you track your skin sensory receptors into that the surface is cold to accelerate healing and cool your skin.

  1. Hemp CBD oil for sunburn

CBD oil benefits for sunburn include offering skin hydration, a cooling-off effect, and soothing relief from the symptoms of sunburn. These symptoms include skin redness, which is usually the first sign of sunburn evident after about 12-24 hours. 

The Benefit of Using CBD Oil For Sunburn 

There are minimal treatment options available to people with sunburns. Most of the available products are preventive measures for sunburn. Only a handful can deal with the symptoms and treat the burns. The limited options that attempt to treat sunburn often come with allergic reactions and side effects. 

CBD oil is beneficial in treating the pain and inflammation of the skin associated with sunburn without any risk of allergic reaction or irritation. That’s amazingly how CBD works for sunburn. It firstly reduces the inflammation, and then it provides the necessary moisture for the skin and affected areas.

The CBD oil benefits for sunburn are not limited. To grasp how CBD operates in its effective treatment for sunburn, let’s consider how sunburn affects the skin:

It starts with prolonged or excessive exposure to the sun’s infrared or ultraviolet (UV) radiation which damages the skin.  

The damage leads to the release of inflammatory cells to heal and fix the skin. The result is that; the skin becomes very sensitive to touch (you might also find it difficult to wear clothes that cover or touch the affected areas). It is accompanied by blistering, heat radiating, and swelling. Glow –Radiant CBD Facial Elixir can help mitigate some of these inflammatory symptoms.

How Can I Apply CBD Oil for Sunburn?

Having the best CBD product for sunburn is barely enough. Understanding how to apply these CBD oils when necessary enables users to get the best out of CBD. 

However, if you’ve never used CBD topicals before now, you can start out by applying only a trace amount to a small area of your skin and monitoring the reaction.

Keep in mind, anyways, that CBD is non-toxic. Feel free to experiment with different approaches to find out what works for you. 

You can apply our high-quality body butter to the region of sunburn and see how fast it helps rejuvenate your skin and keep it smooth and moisturized. 

You may also decide to check our collection of skincare products infused with superior hemp CBD oil

Whatever skincare needs you have in mind, we’re here to help you achieve results. You can simply take our quiz to see the most suitable organic product that would work best for you! 

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