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CBD Cream for Puffy Eyes: Does it Work?


As CBD continues to make waves in the beauty industry, many cosmetics brands are incorporating this ingredient into their products. Now, you can easily find CBD face oils, facial serums, and anti-aging creams on reputable online stores like See Beauty.

CBD formulated anti-aging creams such as Illuminate – Hemp-infused CBD eye cream have been found to work like magic in getting rid of puffy eyes, wrinkles, and pathy discolorations. 

However, many women still wonder “Does CBD eye cream for puffiness work? ” and if it works, “ is CBD for puffy eyes safe and risk-free?”. 

Other common questions include, How can you use CBD to depuff eyes? What causes eye puffiness?

Well, See Beauty has provided the facts for you. Without further ado, let’s get to it! 

What Are the Causes of Eye Puffiness?

At times, you might just wake up with puffy eyes. This can be both discomforting and physically displeasing as it makes you look dull and unhealthy.

If proper measures are not taken, it may likely lead to a severe eye challenge. 

Here are four reasons for eye puffiness

  1. Aging 

Most times, aging comes with various skin changes, including eye puffiness. 

When you reach about 70 years of age, your eyes start to weaken, and you will notice sagging under your eyelids. 

  1. Exposure to sun

While most people love to enjoy the beauty of sunlight during summer, it may pose some adverse effects on your skin. 

Excessive exposure to the sun makes you have dark patches under your eyes. 

See Beauty offers one of the best CBD products for puffy eyes, which tends to the dark circles resulting from overexposure to the sun. 

The antioxidant properties of the CBD content help to remove these circles and puffiness, leaving your eye clear and healthy. 

  1. Dehydration

Puffy eyes could result from dehydration. When you don’t drink enough water daily, you will likely suffer from dehydration, which causes swollen eyes. 

To maintain healthy skin, you must ensure enough hydration for the whole day.

  1. Lack of good sleep 

The importance of sleep as a form of rest cannot be overemphasized. If you don’t get at least 9 hours of sleep daily, you might wake up with puffy eyes. 

  1. Allergies

Perhaps you have allergies that may cause puffy eyes. Sometimes, these allergies may cause you to rub your eyes more frequently. As a result, your eyes tend to become swollen. 

CBD for Puffy Eyes: How Does it Work?

CBD eye creams for puffiness are lightweight hemp CBD-infused products that alleviate the restlessness and discomfort from swollen eyes.

It is effective in decreasing the rate of inflammation and possible dehydration. Not just that, CBD eye creams like our Illuminate – Hemp-infused CBD eye cream takes care of patchy discolorations, dark circles, and puffy eyes. 

Here are some properties of CBD that makes it work for puffy eyes;

  1. Antioxidant properties of CBD

CBD is a potent antioxidant that fades signs of aging and stress from the skin. Instead of battling with puffy eyes, CBD eye creams save you all that stress by giving your eye a healthy look.

Since smoking has been linked to causing puffy eyes, CBD creams effectively reduce the damaging effects of tobacco on your face. 

Asides from this, these products ensure a regular circulation of blood around the body and less fat oxidation. 

  1. Anti-inflammatory properties of CBD

CBD products have inflammatory properties. In effect, this relieves every form of inflammation that may trigger swollen eyes. 

The anti-inflammatory properties of CBD have been proven to alleviate redness and irritation from puffy eyes. This helps keep your eyes looking clear and healthy as supposed. 

Interestingly, the anti-inflammatory properties of CBD are one of the significant reasons it is continually added as a key ingredient in beauty products like CBD eye creams for puffiness.

  1. Anti-aging properties of CBD 

Wrinkling, sagging, and dark circles are synonymous with aging. However, there is an effective way to slow them down. 

SeeBeauty’s Illuminate – Hemp-infused CBD eye cream helps to reduce the rate at which aging signs appear on your skin. If these signs are already visible on your skin, it ensures the marks fade out and your under-eye skin is protected. 

As a result, frequent application of these eye creams soothes the irritation and discomfort from puffy eyes and helps you maintain a smooth and youthful appearance. 

See Beauty’s CBD Cream For Puffy Eyes

Puffy eyes may result from different factors such as aging, dehydration and lack of sleep. If you intend to effectively combat puffy eyes and its effects, you have to use the right product.

Our Illuminate – Hemp-infused CBD eye cream may be what your eyes need to look healthy. For effective effects, rub this CBD eye cream for puffiness on the affected eye and you will notice a gradual ease and relief within a short time. 

What’s more? It helps to soothe the pain, discomfort and restlessness that comes with puffy eyes. 
You may check our store for more high-quality skincare products infused with superior hemp CBD oil.

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