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CBD Beauty and you: How to Make your Skin Glow!


There is a new rave in the beauty market and no, this isn’t a new product rather it’s an additive to regular beauty products that has taken the entire industry by storm.

Like most other segments in the health and wellness business, beauty industry players have watched with keen interest the increasing appreciation of CBD as a potent skin beauty additive for use as an antidote for common skin problems and a smarting elixir for youthful looks.

CBD for beauty is huge and we would be taking a quick look on how you can incorporate it in your regular beauty regime. 

If you read on, you’d notice I had taken a couple of examples off the SeeBeauty CBD beauty line range. That’s because I particularly like SeeBeauty CBD beauty products. They are easy on the skin and results aren’t hard to find. Also, the company uses fully organic ingredients in all their products and I have never been disappointed by the efficacy of these products.  

CBD for Beauty

Using CBD for beauty has plenty of advantages. First off, CBD has rich antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties that are beneficial in maintaining a healthy skin and to keep a decent glow. With CBD, you are able to avoid common skin problems like eczema, skin dryness, rash and psoriasis. The substance also offers therapeutic benefits for damaged skin and is especially helpful for skin rejuvenation and for restoring youthful looks.

Below, is an outline of some ways you can incorporate CBD into your daily beauty regimen for a healthier, youthful skin.

Baths: Bath bombs and bath soaks have become insanely popular for many who desire radiant skin. CBD Bath soaks like those from SeeBeauty are CBD infused mineral salts plus soothing scents. They are molded into colorful balls of premium wellness that dissolve into glistening bubbles when dropped in a bath.

Bath soaks offers deep skin cleansing. They remove dirt, debris and dead skin from the top layer of your skin, replenishing it with vital nutrients to restore its beautiful look. If your skin is damaged, bath soaks infused with CBD can help your skin heal. CBD anti-inflammatory properties do come in handy in reducing inflammation and repair of skin damage. 

Bath soaks are also especially useful as a therapeutic dose of calm after a stressful day. The deep cleansing and immersive scents can cause a deep tissue relaxing effect that helps your body heal from the stress of the day.

Day and Night Cream: Apply to your face first thing in the morning and/or last thing at night. The CBD day and night cream contains superior antioxidant properties that help to remove free radicals – the aged look agents on most young people. If the base cream contains collagen, together with CBD, they can work to tighten loose skins under the eyes and around the chin to restore youthful look. It can also help to smoothen out creases on facial skin and remove blemishes, giving you an even, radiant skin tone. This can be used in combination with the SeeBeauty Glow Radiant Facial Elixir.

Facial Elixir: These come is a variety of product forms but those from SeeBeauty are 30ml spray bottle that contain deep secrets to youthful look. The SeeBeauty Glow Radiant Facial Elixir is a perfect mix of CBD and stem cell serum that works to restore your facial skin back to its youthful look.

The spray contains natural human stem cell serum and organically cultivated CBD oil that penetrates your facial skin to restore your glow from within. Apply daily for best results 

CBD Body Butter: The body butter is a deep tissue relaxing rub that helps to alleviate stress, ease pain and aches in joints and muscles. With CBD infused, the body butter becomes a potent pain reliever that helps to relax deep seated pain in all parts of the body. The product is also able to repair skin damage and even out skin tones.

You can apply at any time of day but best at night to induce restful sleep.

That’s it! Tweak as needed and go score that youthful, radiant glow!

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